Our newest Union retirees!

August 7, 2019 at 4:38pm

Congratulations to our newest union retirees!

Are you planning to retire soon? Make sure you let your Union Rep know!

Dave Pratt started at Dresden Industrial in January 2004.

Dave Pratt retiree

We had a number of Metro employees retire on July 27, 2019.

Metro 119 retirees

Metro 119

L – R

Brenda Crabbe start date Sept 1985

Robert Afford start date Sept 1980

Cheryl Afford start date July 1986

Metro 199 retirees

Metro 199

L – R

Gary Jewell start date Feb 1985

Dave Crittenden start date Sept 1977

Pam Andryz start date Mar 1990

Nela Crudo start date Aug 1972

Metro 150 retirees

Metro 150

L – R

Fay Melrose start date Jan 1967

Robert Kehoe start date July 1978

Sue Dewey start date May 1977

Metro 118 retirees

Metro 118

L – R

Lynn Palmer start date Nov 1984

Doug Croft start date Apr 1972

Dianne Law start date Apr 1972

Mavis Ryan start date Oct 1980

Metro 247 retirees

Metro 247

L – R

Sophia Kalogeros start date Mar 1974

Betty Adams start date Aug 1981

Metro 139 retirees

Metro 139

L- R

Mike Smith Dairy Dept Head started in 1977

Dan Smith Grocery Dept Head started in 1972


We wish all the retirees a happy retirement!